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Video Interview with Writer-Director Christopher Nolan About Inception

The acclaimed director of The Dark Knight discusses his latest movie, Inception!
The official press junket for Inception was recently held in Los Angeles, but Warner Bros. has put an embargo on new information about the movie for the time being. For fans who are dying for information about the movie, Warner Bros. released a lengthy video interview with writer-director Christopher Nolan in which he discusses his interest in dreams, the scale and scope of Inception, the concept of dream "extractors," and the performances of some of the principal cast members.

You'll note that the start of the video includes a table of contents so that you can jump to the information you're most interested in hearing Nolan talk about. However, the times listed didn't correspond with the video, so here is the list in correct chronological order:

0:15 Dreams as potential of the human mind
1:00 Leonardo DiCaprio's performance
1:29 The character "Cobb" (DiCaprio)
1:50 Ellen Page as "Ariadne"
2:35 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
3:08 What extractors do
4:30 The scale and scope
5:12 Shooting as much as possible in camera
5:45 Audience's reaction

Inception opens July 16th!
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