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Mark Millar Exasperates About Superman Franchise

Millar shares his thoughts about the latest developments of the ongoing Superman movie debacle.
Why is this a debacle? Because Warner Brothers has no idea which direction they want to take their most storied franchise Superman. Why you ask? Should this be a easy objective for the studio to accomplish? The answer off course is yes but if your Warner Brothers then the answer becomes more muddled as a result it seems of in house arguing.

"Millar talked about his fabled 'Superman' reboot, in which he teamed with an A-list director and a producer for a pitch. Millar says he's moved on from putting his efforts into the big-screen man of steel.

First posting:

"Warner's talked to us and a few other writer/ director teams, but things seem to be in stasis right now. As far as I understand, nothing is happening with Superman at the moment and so the director and I are just working on another project. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, no biggie."

In a follow up post he added:

"We're one of three teams they were in serious chats with (more for the director than me) and if Superman is available when we finish our next film who knows? But we're starting production on the new movie in June and so Superman absolutely not on our dance cards anytime soon. A shame, really, as we'd have completely reinvigorated it, but then again I like the idea of complete control over everything I'm doing now (which I have on all my projects). The idea of taking notes from the guys who liked the idea of Superman lying in bed for the final act of Returns doesn't sound good to me :)"

Please put Supes up against someone who can potentially beat the crap out of him! Enough of the sad sorry man scout they made Superman to be in Superman Returns! Lets hope the WB puts on the screen what the title hypes the film up to be "The Man of Steel."
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