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George Clooney Tells Us He Should Have Won An Oscar For His Performance In 'Batman And Robin'

No doubt right?
Ugg. The only thing that saves George Clooney from getting dragged through the dirt for his performance in 'Batman and Robin' is that he makes fun of his run on being the caped crusader. George knows how campy that film was. Everything else he has done has turned to box office gold. This from MTV:

I mentioned to Clooney, not every film he’s made has been an awards contender.

“Really,” he teased. “Do you think?”

And then, hilariously, Clooney went to town. “You’re thinking ‘Batman & Robin,’” he grinned, faking outrage. “Is that what you’re talking about? Are you trying to bring that one out?”

“There was a lot of Oscar buzz around ‘Batman & Robin’,” he insisted. “There was a ‘Best Codpiece’ award. And then they took that out, and I had no shot.”

So EM fans, what do you think? Was 'Batman and Robin' the absolute worst piece of movie making ever to be flushed out of Hollywood? Or was it not THAT bad? Vote below and sound off in the comments section.
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