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No doubt right?
jman77 - 12/4/2009

Cinematical is reporting on some quotes from Heath Ledger's agent that Heath himself wanted to get out of the role that made him immortal.
jman77 - 6/30/2009

All we have heard in the past few months is news about Spider-Man 4, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2, and The Avengers. How about the D.C. Corner of the universe, how about The Green Lantern.
jman77 - 6/18/2009

Transformers ROTF hottie makes some comments about future possible roles.
jman77 - 5/28/2009

For those of you who dislike all the Internet rumors out there, here is confirmation that the Bradley Cooper Green Lantern rumor is false, from Bradley himself.
jman77 - 5/18/2009

While being questioned regarding the Bat sequel Christian Bale states “Chris is the guy who will be making the calls about that,”
jman77 - 5/18/2009

Check out who is on the Top end of the Director's list to land the Green Lantern role.
jman77 - 5/14/2009

Who wants to see one of the baddest interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter's come to the big screen? Um pick me, pick me!! I do!!!
jman77 - 5/1/2009

Just like X-Men Origins: Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman, Happy Feet 2 and Guardians of GaHoole, Green Lantern will film in Sydney Australia
jman77 - 4/16/2009

The star of 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' wants to don the only power ring available in this part on the galaxy.
jman77 - 4/14/2009

Public perception says we will get a Dark Knight sequel in 2011, not so says Michael Caine.
jman77 - 4/6/2009

There have been loads of speculation to who will bear the most powerful ring in the galaxy and become our favorite Intergalactic Cop, Hal Jordan. Last week it was reported Cris Pine was, and then was not offered the role. Today's news is that Cris Pine himself confirms only negotiations have begun.
jman77 - 4/3/2009

The rumor mill is back tracking today about the casting rumor of Star Trek's Chris Pine doing Green Lantern...
jman77 - 3/26/2009

It has been awhile since we have heard of any progress regarding the Green Hornet film, wait no longer.
jman77 - 3/24/2009

Millar shares his thoughts about the latest developments of the ongoing Superman movie debacle.
jman77 - 3/24/2009