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Chris Nolan is STILL The Man Behind The Bat According To Christian Bale

While being questioned regarding the Bat sequel Christian Bale states “Chris is the guy who will be making the calls about that,”
Christian Bale has his standard reply these days when asked about any Bat sequel news “Believe me, I have nothing to tell you,” Bale told MTV News. “Truly.”

That's kind of a blow to the legions of Batman fans out there who are anticipating any news from Bale or Nolan. But wait Bale changed his tune a little bit and there is no need to fear Nolan's departure from the successful Bat franchise, according to Bale “Chris is the guy who will be making the calls about that,” And until he does, I have nothing to tell you.”

Not much more to go on but at least Bale has confirmed that at least he sees Nolan as the man still in charge.

When asked if Bale saw any similarities with the iconic role of John Conner to Bruce Wayne/Batman, Bale states: “I don't even begin to compare the two of them. I just don't do that with characters,’ he states. “I don't do that, I never do it myself. I don't even sit back with myself and self-analyze. I just know that I do enjoy these characters for whatever reason.”

Bale goes on to explain his lack of self-analysis: “I like to maintain a certain mystery with myself on why. Because that makes you, pursuing it through the course of the movie,” You put your finger on something in too articulate a manner, and it ceases to have that mystery about it.”

Bale goes on to say “In honesty, I often start asking myself these questions after being interviewed, when people who were not involved with filming see correlations,” he states. “Similarities between my characters might be very obvious to you, but to me, I keep myself in the dark.”
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