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So says Robert Downey Jr. Anyone surprised out there?
jman77 - 3/26/2010

Marvel's own Head of Marketing Doug Finberg weighs in on the question scratching everyone's noodle. Will The Avengers movie be ok?
jman77 - 6/30/2009

This is two day old news, I know. But has anyone realized the possibilities that this merger brings to the Comic Book Movie Universe for Marvel?
jman77 - 6/18/2009

Get ready for the next blockbuster hit at the theater, July 22, 2011 Captain America is hitting big screens nationwide. But today the Captain gets to enjoy his own resurrection in the comics.
jman77 - 6/17/2009

Ryan Reynolds dishes out an interesting point regarding his upcoming Deadpool movie.
jman77 - 6/10/2009

Sweet news. Branagh is staying close to the comics that made Thor famous, and listening to the comic book creators.
jman77 - 6/5/2009

Ryan Reynolds discusses whether or not Cable is going to be in the Deadpool Spin off and what other Mutants he would like to see.
jman77 - 6/5/2009

Anna Paquin tells us if she is interested in doing any more X movies and what needs to change.
jman77 - 6/5/2009

Ryan Reynolds confirms that the next installment of the Deadpool franchise WILL NOT include Wolverine.
jman77 - 6/1/2009

Will it happen? Will the guy who first brought us the Concentration Camp scene in X1 be back to direct the Mutant Magneto on his first solo big screen debut?
jman77 - 6/1/2009

Ror posted last week the rumor that Katee Sackhoff was buying up all the Typhoid Mary comics in hopes of landing the proposed Typhoid Mary role in a Daredevil reboot. It looks like she will appear in a upcoming Comic Book Movie but it wont be a Daredevil reboot.
jman77 - 5/28/2009

This anonymous tip has shed some light on what the Iron Man 2 crew was filming yesterday at Edwards Air Force Base in California.
jman77 - 5/18/2009

Thats almost a tongue twister. Check out what the latest word is on the progress of the Spidey 4 script.
jman77 - 5/14/2009

Mickey Rourke has been told to slim down in preparation for his role as the Russian Villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2.
jman77 - 5/14/2009

Here's the whole set of "on-the-set" pics that have been leaked out--including a bunch of new ones with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury!
jman77 - 5/14/2009

Check out the latest pic from the set of Iron Man 2!!
jman77 - 5/1/2009

MTV talked to Taylor "Gambit" Kitsch, and found out about his enthusiasm for the character...
jman77 - 5/1/2009

We get confirmation on one of the latest casting rumor's from Thor director Kenneth Branagh.
jman77 - 5/1/2009

We get to hear straight from the actors mouth on why he should play The God of Thunder.
jman77 - 5/1/2009

Interesting details on how the two versions compare to one another. I for one will still be in the theater May 1.
jman77 - 4/23/2009