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Doug Finberg Says "Don't Worry The Avengers Will Be Fine"

Marvel's own Head of Marketing Doug Finberg weighs in on the question scratching everyone's noodle. Will The Avengers movie be ok?
The Avengers is going to happen. Which by the way is great, ya know, Thank God. The better news is that Fox studios have nothing to do with this ensemble of Superhero's so hopefully it wont be as watered down either. But rest assured The Avengers will hit the big screen in a couple years whether its good, bad, or ugly. There has been recent speculation by no other then the films screen play writer Zak Penn that The Avengers might suck. Well Marvel's own Head of Marketing Doug Finberg, has certain confidence in the outcome of what has the potential to be the GREATEST superhero ensemble movies of all time.

Doug feels the best way to portray The Avengers on the big screen is by using (ironically) the right mixture of teamwork to get the film right.

“Having everybody on board and really being able to actually work as a team together and develop the Marvel cinematic universe is what’s most important to us,” Finberg told Sci Fi Wire.

And Dave is right. Jon Favreau is not alone in his quest to make Marvel the most profitable movie studio this side of the century. Jon has the likes of “Thor” director Kenneth Branagh and “The First Avenger: Captain America” Director Joe Johnston to aid Jon in his quest. Those guys have to play nice with each other for The Avengers to properly appear as a team. The character development is key and also knowing the right way to have these characters intermingle when the time comes for The Avengers to Assemble!!!

The always yelling even when he talks Samuel L. Jackson, who signed a 9 picture movie deal with Marvel as Nick Fury may be the key that Marvel is looking for. Samuel L. Jackson was already in Iron Man and now Iron Man 2, and you can bet your sweet mama's apple pie that he will be in "Thor" and somehow appear in "The First Avenger: Captain America" leading up to "The Avengers."

“Well, we have a multi-picture deal with him, so obviously we're in business with him for a while to come, and we really enjoy working with Sam,” Finberg said of the always seemingly angry Samuel L. Jackson.

Even with Marvel's confidence in Samuel L. Jackson they realize that even he might not be enough to make "The Avengers" assemble correctly. Finberg says that an entirely different more important group will make the ultimate decision whether or not "The Avengers" is successful or not: The Fans.

States Finberg: “Ultimately, the final expectation, the final verdict, is with the fans, and that’s something that the team of Marvel does a phenomenal job at, actually making the best movie from the material they can.”

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