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Sony And Paramount Studios Might Merge!!

This is two day old news, I know. But has anyone realized the possibilities that this merger brings to the Comic Book Movie Universe for Marvel?
This is what the good people over at Latino Review had to report about the merger:

"Viacom Inc's Paramount Pictures could merge with Sony Pictures, Universal Studios or another movie studio amid a wave of consolidation in the industry over the next few months, veteran investor Mario Gabelli said in the latest issue of Barron's.
The chief executive of Gamco Investors Inc, who owns shares of Viacom ( VIA - news - people ), said he expects dealmaking among movie studios as they seek to cut costs.

'Today there are seven or eight motion-picture studios. A round of consolidation will occur in the next six to 12 months because of the costs of financing, prints and advertising, the benefits of globalization and such,' Gabelli said. 'We hear talk of something going on."

This is awesome news!!! If this merger happens then that means that Spider-Man could swing in and kick Tony Stark in the mouth. Or Spidey could help The Avengers with a little green problem they like to call The Hulk. The point is if this merger happens then we could be seeing a lot of crossovers in our movies just like we did with our comic books.

Its really to bad Fox wont merge with any one(or is it no one wants to merge with Fox?). Then we could have our long awaited solid X-Men movie. Regardless merger or no merger, the message has been sent to Fox and they have read it: Jman states "The fans overall are not happy with the movies you are putting out there, you pleased the kids with Wolverine but the grown ups are left wondering what happened to 90 percent of the source material?" With that being said I am willing to give Fox one more chance. They know what they have to do to make Deadpool successful and they have the time to do it. If they botch this movie then all my faith in Fox studio's will be gone.
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