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Green Lantern Casting Rumor Debunked

The rumor mill is back tracking today about the casting rumor of Star Trek's Chris Pine doing Green Lantern...
Mania had this to say as they backpeddeled away from their rumor:

Last week we presented you with a smattering of rumors from around the web that indicated 'Star Trek' star Chris Pine was at the top of the list of young actors poised to take the role of Hal Jordan in the 'Green Lantern' movie. Indeed, two websites reported independently that an offer for the role had been extended to Pine.

Well, we've had a chance to check with reliable sources, who tell us it just isn't so.

One source told us the producers of the film are "not even close to making an offer" for the lead role. The reason? The casting director on the film hadn't even signed on until late last week, the same day that the offer supposedly went to Pine. In fact, the casting director plans an exhaustive search which may result in a star, an up-and-comer or a complete unknown landing the job.

However, our source does agree that Chris Pine is on model for the producers' view of Hal Jordan. As far as short lists go, we're told every agent who has a client that's on model is pushing their actor towards the production. So, its almost certain Pine's reps have been waving the green flag, trying to attract attention to their guy (which may account for the current buzz). He may even land the part some day.

But at this poing no offer has gone out and the lead role in 'Green Lantern' has yet to be cast.

Pine isnt out of the running but the Casting Director just took the job. The guy has to get setteled in before he makes any major moves. Green Lantern isnt going to be a flop, it has to much hype already, the studio knows this, and they also know if they screw it up it will be their heads on the chopping block. Hopefully with a little time and luck they will cast the best actor to portray The Green Lantern.
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