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Brian Austin Green Wants To Go Green

The star of 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' wants to don the only power ring available in this part on the galaxy.
Recently Brian Austin Green was interviewed and asked about his currant crusade to become The Green Lantern, Hal Jordan style. Brian sts:

"I haven’t seen a script yet. I haven’t talked to producers but my agent and my manager have talked to producers and casting. It’s just a tough thing. I understand that I'm kind of a tough sell. I wouldn't be what somebody would normally be looking for in a film like that. I mean I don't have film draw. I haven't been in anything that has gotten people into a movie theatre. So it would be a big risk for a company to take, I get it. But at the same time, sometimes those risks are the things that seem to work and pay off the most. Instead of just going for the names that seem to be drawing people into the theatres now."

No, No, and one more time No.

When I go see the new Green Lantern movie I don't want to feel like a rejected nerd trying to be cool by watching the retired 90210 star up on the big screen.
0 Yes
0 No

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