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Dungeons & Dragons Player Rules "Lite" and Campaign for Free!

Wizards of the Coast is upping the ante in bringing in new players for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.
Wizards of the Coast (WotC) calls it the D&D Test Drive. They are taking a page from the GURPS (Steven Jackson Games) handbook and providing a free version of simplified Dungeons & Dragons rules (PDF format). The rules are based on the latest 4th edition Players Handbook.

Not only that, but they are providing the campaign, "Keep on the Shadowfell" for free as well (also PDF). There seems to be no expiration on on this offer, but there is no guarantee that it is indefinite either.

The free version of their "Character Builder" is also available, however, being a long time D&D player, the 4th edition rules are so much more streamlined (which as far as I'm concerned, is a good thing) that rolling a character takes less than 5 minutes by hand.

If you are a long time D&Der and have been weary of 4th edition, or a new player altogether, I suggest downloading these documents and taking it for a "test drive."

Click HERE to get your D&D Test Drive!

If you would like to have a writable PDF of the 4th edition character sheets, rather than use the "Character Builder" software, then you can get one HERE below the Excel versions.

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