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Transformers ROTF Writers will NOT Pen a Third Film for the Franchise

Included is also some Leonard Nimoy news regarding ROTF
"Roberto Orci says that he and fellow "Transformers" scribe Alex Kurtzman will not pen a third film in that series as they don't want to "risk getting stale and comfortable." He also admitted that he has talked with Leonard Nimoy about providing the voice of the Fallen for the upcoming sequel..."

To Mr. Orci I say thank you. It seems some people in Holly Wood realize that 2 comes before 3. To properly promote a third film in any franchise the second film has to sit well with the audienace, you know, give the audience a reason to want a third film. We all know that the studio will spin out sequel after sequel if the franchise continues to be profitable.

Leonard Nimoy can make just about anything sound cool so its super cool he has been approched to voice The Fallen in ROTF. I hope it works out.
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