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Transformers ROTF Confirmations from Comic Book

The final part of the movie prequel comic book Transformers: Alliance #4 Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel confirms a few items in this summer's sequel.
Here's the skinny of the items confirmed in the final issue of the movie prequel comic.

- The company McClaren Robotics is a government front/cover for arriving at Transformers battle scenes and cleaning up any evidence of an alien presense at the scene. The only previous mention of McClaren Robotics was that actor Steve Tom was cast as McClaren Robotics CEO.

- An AllSpark fragment is seen in a government storage facility. The storage containment unit looks very much like the containment unit seen in promo pictures.

- In the issue, the Autobots discover that several Autobots have received the beacon call Optimus made at the end of the first movie. Five new Transformers are revealed in their vehicle modes: the Centennial Corvette (Sideswipe), three motorcycles (the Arcee bikes), and the Ice Cream truck.

- On the final page, the Autobots and human allies are in a dark command center as Optimus calls for the team to head out to Shanghai. Seen on the monitor is Demolishor. Although not all details can be made out due to the room being dark, one can clearly see Sideswipe and two of the motorcycles in their individual robot modes.

Looks like in a couple of months all the speculation will be laid to rest, until then get all the latest Transformer news right here.
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