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Transformers ROTF New Footage Screened

Check out this preview of new Transformers ROTF footage screened.
AICN had this to say after previewing unseen footage of Transformers ROTF:

"The full scene was Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox going into Sam’s parent’s garage to talk with Bumblebee, who is, apparently, still having trouble with his voicebox. He’s able to cough up a few staticy words, but still communicates mostly through pop songs (lame).

Shia tells Bumblebee that he’s going away to college and can’t bring him along. Freshmen aren’t allowed to have cars at his college, apparently, and Sam doesn’t need protection anymore anyway, he says.

As he talks with Bumblebee, Fox is outside… we see that the Witwicky house is being repaired… so I take it this isn’t too long after the first one or there was a bit of action that happened prior to this clip.

Anyway, Fox stips out of her black leather pants and jacket, revealing a dress… Prom? Something. But Megan Fox stripping is a-okay for whatever reason.

Back in the garage, Bumblebee isn’t taking the news well, dramatically crying (window-washer liquid) and waving his arms. This could have actually been fairly emotional. LaBeouf is playing the scene that way, but the robot is so over the top I don’t know if it was supposed to be a comic scene or not.

We get a look at the Devastator (massive and pretty sweet) knocking the hell out of Optimus. The shot is from far away and Optimus is fighting in a large, open grass field in bright daylight. He’s hit and sails through the air towards us, hitting the ground and rolling to a stop right at the camera. He sits up and spits out something metal (robot tooth?).

There were quick flashes of a lot of cool action. There was a Decepticon with giant saw blades that cuts a car in half, splitting up Shia and Fox. There was a shot of a decepticon bug being forced into Shia’s mouth… another shot was of a transformer fly that Shia has pinched between his fingers… and a lot of quick big action scenes… a transformer that is two giant wheels, ‘splosions, etc, etc.

There you have it. Regardless of what people speculate about this film my butt will be in a theatre seat on June 24, 2009. Not just any seat but this is one of the few films this year that will be released in IMAX 3D.
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