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McG Lost The Rating War

McG was waging a rating war to keep Terminator Salvation Rated R. Not so says Pizza Hut.
This film needs to be rated R. McG knows it, we the fans know it. Unfortunately, the studio does not know it. McG was fighting a ratings war. The director was trying to keep a scene were Moon Bloodgood was topless parading around in the rain to be kept in the final cut. This scene would have pushed the film into R rated territory. Which means the kids cant go see it.

Like all big summer tent pole films these days Terminator Salvation had a promotion deal with Pizza Hut. Check out the photo below of Pizza Hut's promotional offer, right next to the Halcyon logo is what looks like the film's final MPAA Rating of PG-13.

I would be more up in arms if the studio reported that they were cutting action sequences from this movie to make it a PG-13 film, but if all were doing is losing out on wet t-shirt booby scene then oh well. The Dark Knight was PG-13 and that movie was bad ass and successful. Let's hope Terminator Salvation will do the same.

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