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The Quest to Find Jonny Quest is Over

Looks like Zac Efron will be portraying Johnny Quest in the upcoming big screen live action movie. Dwayne Johnson is also eyeing a role.
Zac Efron has landed the role of Johnny Quest. This news has already ruffled feathers as Johnny was only 11 as the series progressed on TV. Hard core Johnny Quest fans are trying to piece together what type of film we will receive with johnny being in his lower twenties rather then a 11 year old boy?

Dwayne Johnson is eyeing for a piece of the franchise. If accepted Johnson would play a certain beefed up version of pilot Race Bannon.

The studio is also looking at changing the title of Johnny's first adventure on the big screen. The studio is worried that if they use "Johnny Quest" in the title the movie going audience will associate this film as being old and outdated as they did with Speedracer. As a result the studio is kicking around a few different titles for the upcoming movie.

Dan Mazeau has revamped the script.

For those of you that do not realize this movie is a comic book movie let me reassure you. A Johnny Quest comic book (a retelling of the first TV episode, "Mystery of the Lizards Men") was published by Gold Key Comics in 1964.

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