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Star Trek Sequel To Explore Alternate Timeline

J.J. Abrahms and crew are ready to take off with a Star Trek sequel.
We all knew it was going to happen, and rightfully so, a Star Trek sequel is in the works. As my review clearly states below we in fact did get some news from screenwriter Kurtzman this week who states:

"All the characters who existed in the universe or canon we grew up with are essentially still around in some capacity," Kurtzman explained. "But their lives have been altered, so they may again intersect with our crew."

On whether or not there are any deals to have any of the cast and crew come back a second time around J.J. states:

"There's a deal in place with the writers and the actors," Abrams said recently of the "Star Trek" sequel, explaining that all the key actors are under contract to return. "If people like this movie, and there's a demand for another one, we would be happy to work on it."

And you know, that by the box office tally, this is the most successful Star Trek movie to date. Offcourse there will be a sequel. Kurtzman and writing partner Roberto Orci are already brain storming the much anticipated Star Trek Sequel. When asked if there will be any future cameos from any of the original cast members Orci states:

"I don't think we ever need to talk about time travel again," Orci states, saying that Leonard Nimoy and any other "original universe" cast members will likely not be needed from this point forward. "In fact, in the end of the movie, the device that allows time travel is destroyed. So we're stuck with this universe we're in now."

"Now we're in this new world," Kurtzman states. "And we're just gonna have to live through the unpredictable future."

When pressed for details regarding the new alternate Universe Nero created by jumping back in time Orci states "We've had a couple of really preliminary conversations, but we really didn't want to [get ahead of ourselves], because this isn't something we invented. We wanted to see what fans think of the first one; let's see what works, and what people think is the best in what we've done. And then we can take that into account when we think about the next movie."

When asked how soon work will begin on a Trek sequel Orci says "The Monday after the first one is announced as a hit, That day."

"I'm already going back and reading some of the books I've missed," Orci states of "Trek" tales and fan-fiction that have been written in past years, which could be reinterpreted for their new universe. "I'm trying to read every 'Star Trek' book I can get my hands on. We did that a lot for the first movie. ... I'm starting to re-immerse myself again in what's come before."

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