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J.J. Abrams Is Thinking Shatner For Star Trek 2

The director is thinking about bringing a couple of old school Trekkies back in a new school way.
With all the Star Trek sequel talk going on these days, J.J. Abrams is toying with the idea of bringing back some old school favorites:

"The fun of this [alternate Star Trek reality] is that the destiny of these characters is in their hands — it's not constrained by the pre-existing films or TV series," states Abrams. "Believe me, whether it's William Shatner or Khan ... it would be ridiculous to not be open to those ideas."

He's right, bringing back Shatner would bring out the old school trekky fans and spark interest. We probably will not see them do the same things they have done in past films, but who wants to see what we have already seen before. We need to explore new possibilities and new scenarios for these classic characters to endure.

"Khan and Kirk exist, and while their history may not be exactly as people are familiar with, I would argue that a person's character is what it is," states Abrams, explaining that new-Khan could hate Kirk as much as old-Khan despite dissimilar back stories. "Certain people are destined to cross paths and come together, and Khan is out there ... even if he doesn't have the same issues."
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