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Basically let's not skate around this now Fox has screwed the pooch a little with the X-men. Made money sure but produced one decent X-men flick and two passably enjoyable ones. The third of which left it in such a way there's not many places to really go so they hit the prequel button and cut the pretense and released X-men Origins: Wolverine which's made it's own canon time-line even more murky. I should warn you now there's no scoops, quotes, news here just my idle-thoughts on the matter.
Scottymagic - 9/21/2009

My personal wants/needs/notes for upcoming superhero fare.
Scottymagic - 7/27/2009

Sure we all remember the classics, Bruce Timm deserves his praise Brave & the Bold better?
Scottymagic - 7/3/2009

Quick Introduction to moi with my views on 08/09
Scottymagic - 7/2/2009