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Quick Introduction to moi with my views on 08/09
After a certain period of time I began to realise I had a routine when going on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Batman-on-film, io9, Teamtalk and then here. In that order, almost without fail. Only really hit me today (I must be as slow as my internet connection) that I could contribute to this site, worst-case-scenario im largely ignored and kicked off for disgraces to the comic-book-movie genre or inactivity, best-case I get to contribute with personal diatribes, enthusiase and reflect on something I spend precisely 57.6% more time thinking about than I tell people (and I openly tell people).

Favourite hero? Predictably Batman. I was introduced to the character early in life thanks to channel 4 re-runs of the 60's show, saturday morning playings of the animated series and Batman Returns on VHS. Even with the release of Forever specifically made to appeal more to me I found myself favouring Returns despite it being a 15 and I was a few years off.

He's not the be all and end all just my undisbuted favourite. Around the time I was also addicted to the spider-man and x-men animated series and similarly my appreciation for both has grown, as i have, to a level Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace or Brett Ratner could could not even stop.

I even find myself liking Superman.

Not all my knowledge comes from films and animated series, I do read graphic novels, trade-backs, etc. Favourites include Joker, The Killing Joke, Year One, The man who laughs and Kingdom Come, yes all DC.

Best comic-book related film? Yes its the Dark Knight.

2008 convinced me the futures bright, we had the best - something which would or at least may raise the bar, perception and potential of comic-book flicks.
We also had the suprise hit - Iron Man, which while hitting all the notes you'd expect, felt fun, fresh and exciting, propelling a rather b-list hero (in my eyes) to stardom which makes my calls for Flash & Green Lantern films tremendously more likely to the point the latter is definately happening...right now, its being talked about, close your eyes, you can hear the casting discussions.

Also the Hulk was released, of course, was slightly in the shadow of these 2 behemoths. I'd argue it was successful in its own right, say what you want about Ang Lee's Hulk (and people seem to), it was great for 2/3rds the film and the mainstream audience could not believe they'd watched all that for the ending they got...admit it even you went ..." watching him fight a at pool...a bubble?". (Hulk is underrated but i still sigh during this final showdown, the sound of my sighs are precisely 2.46% more loud than jet engines). The reboot, remake, re-sequal, re-tread was lighter, more accesible, with more theory. The difference between the two is irrelevant this second as ive gone off track the point was even in a relatively short-space of time we had a reboot (it so was) of the hulk that catered to people who disliked the former...this is almost more encouraging than the glory hogs...we could get a better Daredevil, a Fantastic four that doesnt make you kill puppies just to feel again, a Deadpool film that completely makes you forget Fox trying to appeal to Mortal Kombat and Heroes fans, a spider-man film where you know hes funny and interesting. Dream big. Having said that the rights would have to go to Marvel first and will all just regress to Fox again to casually ruin as they feed of the tears of fanboys to power their deathray (im aware Spider-man is not fox).

Compared to last year this year stinks of ...was that it? A Hulk released this year would of gone down a storm, instead we're relying on robots and michael bay for distraction for the superherolessness which in itself means this summers a failure. Watchmen and Star Trek made it for me...Wolverine couldnt of been more disappointing even if it had been played by fact that would of improved it a million-fold, it may of become my favourite film but thats besides the point. The point is this is a dip before a further boom, off the top of my head alone i expect Iron man 2, Thor, Cap America, Avengers, Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Batman 3, Superman, Deadpool, Another X-men, Spider-man 4 in the next 3/4 years. Which will be Dark knights? Which will be Iron mans? Which will be Hulks? Which will be Wolverines/x-men 3/spider-man 3/fantastic four/elektra/catwoman/batman & Robins?? Lets find out together...then bitch about them all anyway.

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