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Personal note to studio execs

My personal wants/needs/notes for upcoming superhero fare.
There are roughly 257 superhero films in development or being considered right now. I have no evidence to support that number as i have made it up.

Some are imminent (well 2010), others are getting off the ground in the way Smallville's Clark never will and others are in the seventh circle of development hell due to lack of faith or a direction they are comfortable taking.

I should note i will have left some out through intent, lack of thought, indifference or simple memory failure.

So to get the ball rolling, lets focus on WB and DC.

Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds was cast as Hal Jordan of course, my thoughts towards it differ daily my main reasoning is purely selfish as i wanted him as the flash after had done Deadpool and now i'll probably get none of that. Im glad its focusing on Hal as well makes sense, as much as i like Kyle and John (lest we forget Alan), Guy might feature whose to say. I have to warn my knowledge of the Green Lantern largely stems from guest appearences, justice league unlimited and wikipedia so forgive any misconceptions.
I think this film should dance to a similar tune to the Green Lantern:First Flight animated film i watched recently, the introduction to Oa and the Green Lantern core should be similar and it should be a cop drama/space opera as much as a superhero flick. Sinestro would be my villain of choice but Despero/Kanjar Ro can feature - I enjoyed the Training Day meets Star Wars element to First Flight and think a decent translation of this would make it stand out from the herd, at a time audiences should be aware of the variety within comic-books and superheros and that they aren't/shouldn't be a genre in themselves. I want to see Superhero westerns, superhero sci-fi's, superhero crime dramas, superhero get the point. Personally this is DC's chance to pull an Iron Man, introduce a wider audience to an A list comic-hero who is several rings below Supes,Bats and Spidey in the league ladder of public awareness. Also, without agenda for a Justice league film, i want an acknowledgement of the wider DCU in this, the rumoured Clark Kent cameo would be great, im not asking for anything mega just you know maybe a casual mention of Keystone city or a news report mentioning the question, maybe even Amanda Waller turning up in an eyepatch talking about a Cadmus-backed Justice League initiative...OK maybe not but you get me.

The Flash - The problem with a flash film and reason i think WB are sitting on this and are apprehensive is there are 2 big problems in regard to a film about the flash. The first is perhaps unfair and shallow but...who would the villain be? Gorilla Grodd? Id love to see a red blur fight a gorilla as much as the next guy but i don't see that being green-lit. Captain Cold? Poor mans freeze. Captain Boomerang? Sounds like an unused Tasmania character (and they used the platypus brothers). Maybe Professor Zoom but thats too iron monger/the abomination and obvious. Weather Wizard and Mirror Master could work if you tweeked their image/intentions would give him chance to demonstrate his skills and provide SFX fodder. The bigger problem is well...which flash do you use? Jay Garrick is the first but like Alan Scott he'll be lucky to get an easter egg reference. Barry Allen? Logical but doesn't have the personality of Wally West but then Wally West surely you have to acknowledge Barry Allen...which is how i would run with it (all accidental puns are intended but intended i mean i realise they are after-the-fact). We've seen enough origin stories now to know the beats and the arc so well we can predict the time the "learning their powers" scenes begin...twist on an old game, rather than boy miraculously gains super-powers, learns to use them, becomes hero...ooh look a villain that spawned at the same time...we can establish superhero, trains sidekick (how he gets the powers i dont care about this second as ive not been asked to write the script), established hero dies...ooooooohhhh nooooooooo sidekick steps up. Passing the torch, we get Allen & West a hero established, a significant death...just how id play it.

Green Arrow - I absolutely loved the idea of the proposed Supermax script written by Goyer (was it Goyer?), mainly because Green Arrow fundimentally is just a Robin Hood inspired Batman...i like the character but thats what he is, little way of getting round it. We've had 6 (7) Batman films to date and we've seen it all. We've also had several Robin Hood films, countless superhero films most of which are generic, origin stories. As with GL and to a lesser degree the flash, it needs its own twist and style more so than them two in he needs to differentiate himself and cutting out the origin and making it a superhero prison movie is damn-near brilliant - play up his differences to batman, the fact he's left-minded, more prone to witticisms and charming, make him likeable yet hard-edge...a more approachable batman (his similarities to him will forever be apparent and needn't be heightened. The supervillain prison allows for so much cameo brilliance and cross-over potential it just simply needs doing and i honestly believe this is one of the few ways you could do an Arrow film people would take seriously unless you do a Green Arrow begins in which people will just think they are watching Cast Away dosed off and are now watching Robin Hood men in tights. Also because im not terribly versed in these guys ill quickly go other some other DC's i wish to see The Question, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man and other time yes Justice League with the likes of Huntress and Zatanna...oh and an 18 certificate Lobo flick would rock my socks.

Now the big 2 DC's and my wild-card DC wish film.

Superman - Thing is with Supes, the Christopher Reeves/Donner film is so unbelievably iconic its hard to skate around not even sure if it should. Fact is when its said and done, if the Superman March Williams score wasn't there and it didn't have that timeless, stuckin the 30's feel id feel slightly saddened and that the character had been compromised. It would be like when you hear the score to Batman Forever and think...its all well and good but...where the [frick]s the Elfman theme and why did you change it for this. Regardless of the extreme backlash i though Superman Returns was good more than it was bad, the blending a more contemporary take to the original 2 films was spot on and the general tone and iconography was spot on. The problems were simply the casting of Lois Lane, which Don Cheadle and Maggie Gyllenhall have taught us can be done, super son is tricky to skate around but that can be ret-conned easily enough, could kill him off for me but im heartless, and we crave a super-brawl that we haven't had since Zod. I believe Lex MUST be in it, but behind the scenes looking out for himself, similar to his role in Superman 2 but less comic relief and more Spaceys menacing Luthor (absolutely no real estate schemes), have him threatening to become president or heading lexcorp like he should be doing. We need something he can punch and we believe is a threat to him Brainiac, Bizarro, Doomsday...the benefit/drawback of the last 2 is the plot writes itself, id even suggest Darkseid but id prefer that after several films, heck if you could do it justice a return of Zod would be amazing. Even Parasite, Metallo, Toyman, anybody really just punch something and have a fight that doesnt strictly require kryptonite. Mr mxylsplk!? I will have spelt that wrong but i don't care enough to check it.

Batman - Here...we...go. Batman 3, is obviously more complicated a film to remotely predict given Ledgers death. Really could be anything from another joker story (doubtful), King Tut, Spider-man 3 or completely going under the Dark knight in terms of scale. Personally, stakes were raised in the dark knight but it doesnt need to top it, in fact id say the last thing they should do is try...that was the jokers raise to power and prestige in the batman world..give it the gravitas and reverence it deserves, joker is the guy who pushes him to his limits and rattles the city, this time round it can be more intimate, i mean in terms of batman than necessarily Gotham, having said that Gotham should be represented by what we see Batman going through, his jobs now harder and less rewarding because of his wanted status, his batman persona is slowly becoming him whole as he has little time for Bruce Wayne, meanwhile he's noticed the steady increase in 'freaks' rather than gangsters inspired by the batman and jokers run ins and notoriety. There's reports of a batman inspired theif wearing a catsuit and there have been mysterious threats left around town, riddles....also you can touch on the penguin, black mask or Hugo strange if you want to plain show off Nolan (if you return), do what you like really but by the end of you trilogy id want the bat cave to of returned/an open ending implying the joker has returned (easily done sans Ledger AND can/would be respectful), his redemption in the eyes of law enforcement and a feeling of equilibrium returned to batmans world as its fully set up for storis to play in our minds and directions for future directions to go.

Nightwing - This is a film that should/ can easily be done but simply wouldn't. Batman would never appear in person but would be felt throughout. It would follow him just starting out as Nightwing, desperately trying to escape the shadow of the bat and shed his Robin persona, he should be prone to anger which makes him sloppy at times but undoubtably skilled. You give him a B/C list bat villain say a Black Mask or a Deadshot and by the end he's learned to appreciate what Batman has done for him/taught him rather than be resentful and vow to protect Bludhaven as his own, the arc's there, the chance to cash in on batman whilst not necessarily using him, it can even be non-canon, in fact preferrably so, it would have great potential and would give us some Dick Grayson without the need of compromising the batman character or suspending disbelief watching a multi-coloured costumed teen with this dark londer avenger. Basically, watch Daredevil, imagine that was Grayson, imagine him angry cos he feels batmans always watching him, stopping him from growing and he'll never get out of his shadow, imagine him growing get it. The trick would be Batman never being in it but constantly referenced and given reverance.


Spider-Man - Regardless of my personal opinion the general consensus was Spider-man 3 wasn't very good and the main reason-cited bar the reveal alien symbiotes allow you to play jazz piano was that too many villains spoil the broth. Yet going back to one at this point would somehow be seen as short-changing 2 would seem logical. What 2? Lizard is expected and makes perfect sense seeing as we've been introduced to Curt Connors and the strong sense of continuity and pay-off would make the franchise stronger on reflection (if they can forbode the sample bit of the symbiote Connors had in 3, when he turns into lizard then gravy). Also and what i really like is not only would he be a sympathetic villain yet undeniably dangerous as the lizard, he wouldnt be able to team with a villain, meaning the plot would have to be smarter than that and less convieniantly slapped together. To interweave another villain shouldn't be too tricky, a lot of people are clamering for Kraven but i dont know if id buy that personally or would want it. Villains i rank above Kraven include Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Mysterio, Carnage, Chameleon, Hammer-head, Tombstone, yes even Morbius. My answer would be Doc Ock. His death was ambiguous enough, his come-back wouldn't be hard to conjur, especially as Spider-man 3 showed with Sand-man and Uncle Ben that all we know means shit as the script-writter will change it on a whim to save him having to think of better reasons for sandman and spider-man to face-off. Doc Ock could even try do redeeming himself but public intolerance and lack of forgiveness for his form and past sins can send him back over the edge, but he knows Doc Connors...ah you see, suddenly the early sprouting of a plot is forming from my rabble. Also just for laughs lets kill MJ Dunst and introduce Black Cat just for me. Things it needs to do, be as coherent as 2 whilst being as ambitious as 3, make spider-man LIKEABLE, Mcguire is not allowed to cry, Aunt May is allowed one scene and one scene only and cut the cheese...not literally.

x-men - Fox has made such a mess with this. The liklihood is we will get several seperate origin pics with maybe a loose sequel over-time, whereas i want to cry reboot. If its origins i want an X-men first class young cyclops, storm, beast, Jean...but id want iceman and angel but theyve [frick]ed that up maybe chuck gambit in there as why not. Sequel suffers fromthem having killed off half the decent characters so reboot. The line-up Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Shadowcat and Iceman, Gambit would join them at the end after being a moral ambiguous character throughout, they would fight the sentinal program designed because of Magneto's exploits with Sabretooth, Avalanche, Blob, Pyro and Mystique ....Wolverine wouldn't be front-centre, cyclops would be the leader and not marginalised, it would be coherent,no one of note would die and it would be a classic x-men tale based around fear. The governement reluctantly trust william stryker as they see little other option with dealing with mutants like magneto while the x-men suffer being blanketed with them despite having the humans best interests at heart and are fighting for equality....there you go. Free to have multiple sequels featuring Magneto and the brotherhood, Mister Sinister and the marauders and maybe even Apocolypse.

The Avengers - This will be tricky but if they pull it off it will of been a brilliant move. The key is to play these characters off one another and have them share screen-time namely Cap America, Iron man, Thor and Bruce Banner while introduce Hank Pym aka Ant/Gi-ant man and his wife the wasp who unwittingly creates evil incarnate in Ultron...after seeing the hulk as an enemy throughout and banding together to fight him and take him down, Bruce turning into the hulk and assisting them will a big part of it....this could be amazing.

Deadpool - In honesty i struggle to think of a plot for Deadpool, it can maybe look into his past with Weapon X (as you see this is unconnected to Wolverine origins and has to be), how he sold his soul to cure his cancer and went alittle potty afterwards, it should be extremely darkly comic and violent, with tongue firmly in cheek, it should break the 4th wall on occation but not too frequently and just show that superhero flicks can be fun and funny whilst being for mature audiences

I realise i trailed a little at the end, I dwelled on some more than other, left out several films, the article was too long and i could do better but forgive me *turns into sand and blows away*
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