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Batman Reboot Fancast

My fancast on a Batman reboot after Nolans trilogy.
Bruce Wayne/Batman-Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer would play an awesome Bruce Wayne and is a good actor

Alfred Pennyworth-Sean Connery

This was a hard pick but I think Sean Connery has the right look. It was him or John Cleese so I went with Sean Connery.

Commisioner Gordon-William H Macy

I could totally imagine him as Gordon, just look at him!

Lucius Fox-Danny Glover

Morgan Freeman in my eyes IS Lucius Fox but I think Glover would be a good replacement.


Scarecrow-Adrien Brody

Would portray an excellent Scarecrow

The Joker-Joseph Gordon Levitt

Looks like Heath Ledger and is a great actor

Harley Quinn-Scarlett Johansson

I think Johansson would own this role. My other option was Kristen Bell.

The Penguin-Alfred Molina

He owned as Doc Ock and would own as Penguin

The Riddler-Johnny Depp or Leonardo Di Caprio

I could imagine Depp as a crazy Riddler or Di Caprio as a calm Riddler who is working behind the scenes.

Black Mask-Guy Pearce

Im not sold on this but couldnt think of anyone else.
4 Yes
0 No

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