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Spiderman Reboot Fancast

My ideas for a Spiderman fancast
Peter Parker/Spiderman-Logan Lerman

Would be the perfect Spidey in my eyes

Harry Osborn-Anton Yelchin

Great actor and could easily portray Harry

Mary Jane Watson-Emmy Rossum

I reckon she could be good as MJ

Flash Thompson-Kellan Lutz

He's big and could easily play a Bully

Gwen Stacy-Hayden Patnierre

She and Logan would have a good chemistry I reckon

Aunt May-Helen Mirren

Perfect for this role!

Uncle Ben-Richard Jenkins

He would rock as Uncle Ben!

J. Jonah Jameson-J.K.Simmons

He was born for this role but if not Stephen Lang would be good

Robbie Robertson-Danny Glover

He could be good as Robertson

Betty Bant-Gemma Arteton/Zooey Deschanel

Im torn between the two

Black Cat-Elisha Cuthbert

Imagine her in leather! And plus she's has the acting chops!


Kraven-Josh Brolin

He would be awesome as Kraven

Venom-Cam Gidanget

Good, Young actor he could portray Eddie Brock

Electro-Ben Foster

It is a must!

Carnage-Robert Knepper

He looks like a serial killer and a good actor

Green Goblin-Christopher Meloni

I could imagine him as Norman

Doc Ock-Phillip Seymour Hoffman

He own this role

Sandman-Ryan Hurst

He could easily portray Flint Marko

Mysterio-Ion Gruffud

Couldnt think of anyone so went with him

Rhino-Adam Baldwin

He would be great as Rhino

Vulture-John Malkovich

Had already been cast in Spiderman 4 and I think he would be good as Vulture

The Scorpion-Timothy Olympant

He plays the perfect villain!

The Lizard-Bruce Greenwood

He looks like a doctor!
3 Yes
1 No

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