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Daredevil Fancast

My Daredevil Fancast
Matt Murdock/Daredevil-Michael C Hall

Big fan of his and he would be perfect as DD!

Elektra-Rhona Mitra

Relatively unknown but she is a great actress and would be great as Elektra

Bullseye-Timothy Olympant

Im not a fan of Colin Farrell's version but Olympant plays a great villain and could suit this role.

Kingpin-James Gandolfini

He doesnt have the exact physique of Kingpin but he is a good actor and quite large.

Foggy Nelson-Sean Astin

Foggy wasnt given enough airtime in the DD movie but this guy is great

Stick-Terrence Stamp

He is Stick!

Karen Page-Elizabeth Banks

Hot and has that intelligent look. Perfect!

Ben Urich-Hugh Laurie

Simply has to be

Jack Murdock-Damian Lewis

Could portray a good fatherly figure

Gladiator-Dominic Purcell

Born for the role

Typhoid Mary-Jordana Brewster

Great choice for Mary

Mr Fear-Matthew Goode

He has an evil look!

Owl-Paul Giamatti

Him or Jack Nicholson! Giamatti all the way!
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