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Teabag Reviews Clash of the Titans

Epic Clash or Epic Trash.....
Ok lets begin mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa...

My dad was bugging me to go see this movie and since i have read some terrible reviews i was reluctant to take him....but i also thought my expectations are now soooo low it couldnt be as bad as i was thinking and agreed.

The movie starts with a little background on the gods and to me gave me the impression this might be ok. Perseus is found as a baby and before you know it Mr Buzz Cut Worthington is killing the atmosphere of the movie. Seriously Sam really is wooden in this, i never once felt any connection or emotion behind his character or journey. Next we have old Hades or Fagen as i like to refer him lol............

Fagen..uh i mean Hades is at the centre of the plot (hahahah cant beleive i said plot)to gain power over Zeus ,which sends our group to battle the three witches , the scorpion king..uh i mean Medusa and of course the Kraken.

Ok the good:

Not much really, yes its a fun movie in a way and the Kraken and Pegasus are done quite well, we have a litte scene with the owl. Also i found Mads Mikkelson to be the highlight of the movie and would much prefere squels involving his character.

The bad:

Where do i start ...

Fagen..uh Hades is just to unintentionaly comical, Feines just wonders around gasping for air the whole time.Neeson doesnt even try in my opinion, his half assed aproach really suprised me. Worthington as i have said is terrible and does not even try to hise his Ozzy accent. Aterton does her best i think but lacks any impact.
The CGI is terrible also , i mean there really is no excuse , some of the set peices were just aweful as were the giant scorpions. The Medusa was the biggest CGI flop....i had flashbacks of the Scorpion King in the Mummy Returns lol

Anyway yep it sucked and LL has proved TIH was a fluke

I'd give it 2 out of 5 :P

Teabag out ;D
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