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He-Man Has The Power.......Again!!

A new version of the good vs evil battle is being penned by Predators writers Mike Finch and Alex Litvak.
According to HeatVision it looks like the new Masters Of The Universe movie is not in development hell as we expected.

The new version of the Eternian hero Prince Adam, who turns into He-Man when he wields his magic scord - is currently being penned by Predators writers Mike Finch and Alex Litvak.

Columbia Pictures are driving the project forward, and are attempting to “balance a treatment that would convince the studio it was cinematic and keep the toy company satisfied that its characters were being portrayed appropriately”.

The last we heard Justin Marks wrote a screenplay for a new He-Man movie that had fans excited, described as “Lord of the Rings meets The Matrix meets Batman Begins”,But last September the project was canned.

The resurge of Clash of the Titans and upcoming Thor/Conan and Red Sonja are probably the reasons Columbia are thinking about the project again.

Well i will be glad to have the bad taste of the 80's Masters of the Universe washed away but hope with every fiber of my being we get a better movie than Clash.

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