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Collector 2 Stalking Our Way Soon

Superb horror is getting the sequel treatment. This time with more action.
ShockTillYouDrop has this interview with ......

Marcus Dunstan - co-writer of half the Saw franchise talks about his experience on The Collector, the thriller just released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

"We had an experienced crew and I put on my game face," he tells Shock Till You Drop. "There were a number of days I wondered how I was going to survive the next 12 hours. Pages that we bled all over became something to defend, however, it became a child to me. Then it was great. Passion, anger, joy, it took everything to cross the finish line. Once you get that badge, you're stuck, you become a junkie for the experience again."

That experience is set to continue he said ...

"I'm literally sitting at a laptop writing a sequel to The Collector right now. For just a little movie, it returned quite beautifully and just last week we had a meeting and they said go. We want another one and we want it fast. It was pretty obvious the first one played like a part one and we wanted to set up a haymaker of a part two. Thank goodness the idea was there to merit the opportunity. The next chunk of time will be intense and hopefully deliver on that."

The Collector's story concerned a cat burglar (Josh Stewart) ensnared in a home full of lethal traps, set by the movies strange mysterious serial killer. Dunstan, who co-wrote the film with Patrick Melton, says he's going in a different direction with the next installment.

"If we do our job right, the sequel you seeā€¦the fact you even know there is a part one is like reading a comic book for the film, you know the back story," he explains. "This is going to be a completely different experience. If the first one pulled from the Saw world and the serial killer world, the second one we're trying to pull a little from [John Woo's] Hard Boiled. There was a five minute sequence in the first film that was filled with action and the threat to the hero was scary, so I thought I'd like to deliver an action movie where your terrified of the threat and it's not about how cool the guns look."

Now im not a SAW fan or any kind of torture porn but i loved this movie. It had a differant approach to the serial killer formula and i understand the new action approach for the sequel.

To read the full interview click the link below.

Have you guys seen this movie? what did you think of it? Are you happy for a second helping?

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