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Hanna vs. Sucker Punch: A Question of Sexism

During the WonderCon panel for the action film Hanna, director Joe Wright and star Saorise Ronen were asked about sexism in action films, with an audience member suggesting his own project as well as Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch.
“For me, one of the main issues in terms of womens’ place in society and feminism is the sexual objectification of women,” Wright says. “That’s something that feminists in the ’70s tried to fight against but has been totally lost in the 21st century consumer-celebrity world. So for me, when I look at the poster for Sucker Punch it seems actually incredibly sexist, because it is sexually objectifying women regardless of if they can shoot you or not. I have a kind of immediate, knee-jerk reaction to such iconography. I remember when the Spice Girls came out in the mid-’90s and it was all about girl power, but one of them was dressed as a baby doll, do you know what I mean? That isn’t girl power, that isn’t feminism. That’s marketing bullshit. And I find it very, very alarming.”

“In my opinion, the reason that Hanna is so empowering is because she is a young girl who is not in sexy clothing and is not sexy, really, in any way,” Ronan added. “She’s a bit of a misfit, especially when she steps out into the world, and is quite confused and fascinated at the same time by everything that she sees. And suddenly she turns into an animal, because these people that she’s fighting — every single one of them threatens the person that she loves, which is her father. The only world she knows. And although it is violent in some places, it’s all motivated by love. That’s quite wonderful, I think.”
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