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Johnny Depp Talks His 21 Jump Street Cameo

Johnny Depp first came to the world's attention as part of the undercover cops show 21 Jump Street, and with a movie version happening he's agreed to make a cameo, which he discussed with Entertainment Weekly.
Explains Depp, who will soon start shooting Tim Burton's version of Dark Shadows, “When I heard about it, I thought: ‘Why not?’ It seemed like a good idea. It had the right spirit, because it was looking back on the show that … Jesus, that was 1986 [when it started], a very different world then in terms of what was possible and allowed... I don’t know what it is, but I imagine there is some sense of humor behind it. It’s nice to come into it and have a bit of closure, in a way. I got out of Jump Street on a sort of technicality in the middle of filming Edward Scissorhands. I was supposed to go back for a couple seasons, but there was just some weirdness with a date when they had to let me know to come back, and they didn’t and agents and lawyers started going ape. And suddenly, your off and out. So for me, to come back to this, in a weird way, is interesting."

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