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In a brief video clip provided by MTV, Robert De Niro discusses preliminary thoughts on the sequel to Midnight Run.
EdGross - 4/22/2010 is suggesting that there may be a very logical reason that development of Bond 23 has been put on indefinite hold.
EdGross - 4/20/2010

Located on YouTube is this video retrospective of the various ladies from the world of Bond. James Bond.
EdGross - 4/19/2010

Not long ago, the James Bond website Mi6 collected a number of rumors about Bond 23 and offered up a piece with some SPOILERS on what they are saying will be The Property of a Lady, based on a short story by Ian Fleming.
EdGross - 4/19/2010

While MGM's fiscal future is still being decided, there is apparently some movement on the 23rd James Bond film, the currently nicknamed "Bond 23."
EdGross - 4/18/2010

With The Losers opening this Friday, we've gathered up Earth's Mightiest's exclusive four-part audio interview with director Sylvain White into one article.
EdGross - 4/16/2010

Check out this video of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp on the set of "The Tourist," plus a video montage of Ms. Jolie's seeming addiction to movie stunts.
EdGross - 4/16/2010

Splash News has come up with this sneak peek at the forthcoming The A-Team.
EdGross - 4/16/2010

As Kick-Ass hits theatres, we've got videos from the film's premiere as well as an interview with cast members.
EdGross - 4/16/2010 is claiming that Slum Dog Millionaire's Freida Pinto has been signed to star as the female lead in the 23rd James Bond film, which will star Daniel Craig and be directed by Sam Mendes.
EdGross - 3/20/2010

In the final segment of this exclusive interview with Sylvain White, director of "The Losers," he shares his feelings about the action genre and final thoughts on the film.
EdGross - 3/7/2010

Part 3 of 4 has director Sylvain White detailing what each cast member has brought to their individual role.
EdGross - 3/7/2010

In the second segment of a four-part interview, director Sylvain White reflects on his approach to The Losers and what elements of the graphic novel he attempted to retain.
EdGross - 3/7/2010

In the first of a four-part audio interview with director Sylvain White, he shares the status of the film at the time of the interview and also what drew him to the film in the first place.
EdGross - 3/7/2010

It's a rare opportunity to see a Sean Connery James Bond film on the big screen, but every now and then there's a chance to revisit the past.
EdGross - 3/6/2010

As much as Robert De Niro's Analyze This did NOT need a sequel, one film that begged for one was 1988's Midnight Run, which cast him as bounty hunter Jack Walsh who is trying to get a white collar criminal (Charles Grodin) back to L.A. by a certain time. Finally a sequel is in the works.
EdGross - 3/5/2010

Australian actor Joel Edgerton, while out promoting his film Separation City, revealed a bit about the prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing, in which he plays helicopter pilot Sam Carter, who ends up in pursuit of an extraterrestrial being.
EdGross - 3/2/2010

Start your engines…and load your weapons. The explosive, all-new high-octane Death Race 2 began principal photography on February 13, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.
EdGross - 3/1/2010