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Remakes & Reboots: Is Hollywood Doomed?

For every Star Trek, there are 10 Clash of the Titans! We are, of course, talking about Hollywood ever increasing appetite for remakes and reboots.
Lately it seems that not a day goes by where we're not inundated with news that there is going to be another reboot, remake or reimagining of a Hollywood classic or not-so-classic. Now it's a trend that's starting to occur on television as well, with TV shows such as "V" and the forthcoming Hawaii 5-0 and Rockford Files.

So what's YOUR opinion? Do these remakes and reboots stand as an innovative way to allow popular films from the past to touch a new generation of filmgoers, or are they indicative of a lack of creativity; of every 30 or 40 year old executive desperately looking to tap into their childhood?

Share your thoughts on this trend towards remakes and reboots. Which ones have you enjoyed, which have you hated, which are you looking forward to and which do you fear with your very being? Sound off below.
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