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Among the Spirits - Now Houdini and Doyle Are Taking on TV

At the same time the Harry Houdini/Sir Arthur Conan Doyle film Voices From the Dead was announced, Syfy made it be known that it's been developing Among the Spirits, also bring the duo -- and real-life friends -- together.
"I guess there is something in the air about that whole time period and that very interesting relationship between Houdini and Doyle," Syfy's president of original programming Mark Stern related to Deadline, also noting that they first he'd heard about Voices From the Dead was from the site's story.

Deadline adds, "Among the Spirits, named after Houdini's book A Magician Among the Spirits published in 1924, is based on self-published graphic novel Among the Spirits by writers Steve Valentine and Paul Chart. Stern describes the project, which is being put in development, as 'a turn-of-the-century Fringe.' It will be in the vein of steampunk TV classic The Wild Wild West and Guy Ritchie's 2009 movie Sherlock Homes which put the steampunk genre back into the zeitgeist. It will center on Houdini and Doyle who, with the help of a female cop, try to solve bizarre murders and strange occurrences that look like hauntings and other supernatural events using steampunk technology. 'We have Houdini, who was the ultimate illusionist and was all about creating illusions, and Doyle, who was all about getting to the truth underneath - the pragmatist and the dreamer - set against that 1920s world of America where technology is just starting to grow."

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