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While we await word on the fate of Bond 23, it seems that 007 has gone into reboot mode in terms of his literary and video game adventures.
EdGross - 6/10/2010

Check out this video of the hottest video game girls, hosted by Obama Girl.
EdGross - 5/6/2010

Check out this video press conference of cast and crew from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
EdGross - 4/5/2010

I am not into gaming at all and know very little about Halo but this preview looks pretty cool. If anyone has seen this let me know your opinion on it.
DCF - 3/8/2010

Bioware and Tor Books expand the Dragon Age universe with new prequel novel "Dragon Age: The Calling"!
NateBest - 9/15/2009

Activision just released a new "Reveal" trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and we've got our first batch of screenshots!
NateBest - 5/22/2009

FPS action horror being incubated in the depths of Rebellion. Details Released on New Aliens vs. Predator Game from SEGA and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising
NateBest - 5/21/2009

Earn double XP this weekend with Gears of War 2 and give your multiplayer rank a boost!
NateBest - 5/14/2009

We are all wondering what White Wolf has up their sleeves with their latest "World of Darkness" table-top RPG entry, "Geist: The Sin-Eaters."
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/12/2009

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to publish "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" on Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and PSP in Europe and PAL regions.
NateBest - 5/6/2009

Wizards of the Coast is upping the ante in bringing in new players for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/6/2009

Dragon Age gets the pen & paper treatment. Bioware and Green Ronin to publish Dragon Age pen & paper role-playing game.
NateBest - 5/5/2009

Nearly 900 Duelists Converge on the SHONEN JUMP Championship in Anaheim - Marks the Second Largest Event Ever
NateBest - 5/4/2009

Game publisher Privateer Press has announced that everyone's favorite lion-adorned giant robot will be coming to their hit minis game!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/4/2009

Free Tracks from Ferret Music and Metal Blade Records Also Rock the Guitar Hero Downloadable Set List
NateBest - 5/4/2009

Board game designer Dr. Lewis Pulsipher talks about the psychological differences between a single player video game and your average board or card game.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

And boy are his arms tired! No really. They are!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

Check out the latest news from game publisher Z-Man Games.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

The guys over at had a chance to catch up with Flying Frog Production's Scott Hill. Find out the latest news on "Last Night on Earth" and why your only hope against the invasion is your local carnival!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

New Combat Trailer For Batman Arkham Asylum Unleashed Will You Master the Art of Combat?
NateBest - 5/1/2009