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While we await word on the fate of Bond 23, it seems that 007 has gone into reboot mode in terms of his literary and video game adventures.
EdGross - 6/10/2010

Check out this video of the hottest video game girls, hosted by Obama Girl.
EdGross - 5/6/2010

Check out this video press conference of cast and crew from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
EdGross - 4/5/2010

I am not into gaming at all and know very little about Halo but this preview looks pretty cool. If anyone has seen this let me know your opinion on it.
DCF - 3/8/2010

Bioware and Tor Books expand the Dragon Age universe with new prequel novel "Dragon Age: The Calling"!
NateBest - 9/15/2009

The Black Library Releases DARK STORM GATHERING by Chris Wraight! The Second Original Novel Based on Hit MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Storms into Bookstores.
NateBest - 3/30/2009

A brand new multiplayer mode is coming to Battlefield: Bad Company, and it's going to be FREE!
NateBest - 8/4/2008

Aardman's classic animated pair are preparing to tell 'Stories You Can Play' in Telltale's TV game format.
PAnthony - 8/1/2008

Now is the Time to Become a god Amongst Men; Xbox 360 Exclusive Too Human has Gone Gold!
NateBest - 8/1/2008

Bring Down the Sky now available for the PC version of Mass Effect!
NateBest - 7/31/2008

Cliff Bleszinski, as well as writers for the upcoming novel and comic book shed a little light on some of the new things to look forward to in Gears of War 2, including linked achievements and a possible package deal that could include a Lancer replica!
NateBest - 7/30/2008

Midway has released the new gameplay video that they were showing at the San Diego Comic-Con, as well as confirmed four characters for the game roster!
NateBest - 7/29/2008

Gears of War 2 will have a big presence at this year's Comic-Con, including autographed posters, books, and two custom Xbox 360's!
NateBest - 7/24/2008

The ultimate Stargate experience is coming to Comic-Con!
NateBest - 7/23/2008

Choose to fight for or against iconic heroes and villains at the world premiere demonstration of DC Universe Online by Sony Online Entertainment!
NateBest - 7/22/2008

Take a gander at some great new artwork and wallpaper for Gears of War 2.
NateBest - 7/21/2008

Attendees of L.A.'s Electronic Entertainment Expo got a sneak peek at the upcoming next-gen Lara Croft game Tomb Raider: Underworld.
PAnthony - 7/18/2008

The new third-person action game from Universal and GRIN continues the story of the blockbuster comic-based film Wanted.
PAnthony - 7/17/2008

The popular comic artist and head of Wildstorm unveiled the first visuals of the upcoming multiplayer game DC Universe Online.
PAnthony - 7/16/2008

Fans experience 'Sweet Emotion' as Activision's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith rocks retail shelves nationwide.
NateBest - 7/5/2008