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Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter Season 6

Digital Spy caught up with actor Michael C. Hall, who discussed the new season of Dexter, noting that the show would be lighter -- relatively speaking, of course.
"It's a lightness [but] within the context of someone who's killing people left and right," Hall notes wryly, who adds that issues of faith will be explored. "Because he has a son, Dexter's view of himself and his place in the world has broadened beyond his own immediate concerns. It's a new challenge to have a character who would deny God's existence altogether [and] to unpeel this layer of human emotion."

There's also the possibility of a new romance following events with Julia Stiles' Lumen. Says Hall, "If nothing else, the relationship with Lumen revealed that the appetite exists in him. The fact that Lumen was in a position to not only accept, but require, his deepest darkest self was both irresistible and unsustainable."
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