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'Green Hornet' Director Michel Gondry Talks Fighting Techniques And Cameo

Michel Gondry says that Seth Rogan actually trusts him, which to Michel is amazing.
"[Rogen] actually trusts me, which is quite amazing — I mean, look at my numbers on IMDb, and my average is $10 million and his average is $90 million a movie," "So I'm glad he's paying any attention to what I'm suggesting."

When asked if there were any new filming techniques Gondry is planning to use:
"I changed the speed of the camera at different spots in the image at different times. So it seems like [Green Hornet and Kato] are in the same world but at different times, and then they're back together," he explained. "[The camera] speeds up and slows down but [at] different times for different characters' images. So one will go fast and the other will go slow — and then they'll meet. It's [as if] they're in different dimensions, but when they touch each other, they come into the same dimension."

When asked about the films villains:
"The villain is going to be horrible; he has a gun with two cannons, so he can shoot people in both eyes with one shot," Gondry explained, denying that the character will be either Mr. X or Dr. Mabouse. "I hope I'm going to get the actor I want; I can't say his name, but believe me — he's going to be scary like hell."

The best part of this bit of news is that the O original will get his cameo:
"Yeah, I think we're going to have Van Williams; we're going to find a cameo for him," Gondry said. "He asked us to. It's going to be exciting."
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