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Zack Snyder Dishes On How Gory The Blu-Ray Edition Of The Watchmen Will Be

The Watchmen “Director’s Cut” Blu-Ray disc hits theaters July 21st, and guess what? We get more Rorschach!!
Is The Watchmen looking a little bit better of a movie since most of the summer's over rated blockbusters have hit theaters and whimpered out? Yes it is. In fact in light of some of the disappointing flicks we have gotten this past movie going season The Watchmen proved to be dark, gritty and well, just a great adult ComicBookMovie.

The Watchmen “Director’s Cut” Blu-Ray disc hits theaters July 21st and along with the Hollis Mason death scene that fans have demanded to see, there’s some pretty cool stuff in there.

“There’s a couple Rorschach scenes; it’s a little bit more violent overall,” Snyder states of the “Maximum Movie Mode” Blu-Ray disc, which even has a mode exclusively for Blu-Ray where the director walks onto the screen and explains a certain scenes’ significance. “It’s a little gorier, a teeny bit gorier; like, when Veidt’s being assassinated, the secretary puts her hand out and she gets shot in the hand - and her fingers fly off.”

That's Perfect!!

Wait!! There's more Easter egg goodness inserted into Zack Snyder’s 25-minute-longer Director’s Cut, “After Hollis dies, we cut to Dan and Rorschach and they go to Happy Harry’s to get some info on who’s trying to assassinate Veidt…at the end of that scene, in the theatrical version, it cuts (after they get some information). In the longer version, Dan notices on the TV that there’s a report that Hollis has been murdered. He sees that, and then he sees a Knot Top in the bar, and he attacks him and beats the shit out of him, just like in the graphic novel. Then Rorschach pulls him off and says ‘not in front of the civilians!’”

More Rorschach is just what the Doctor ordered and with this new release we get just that.

Snyder also states “Dan Dreiberg is getting emotional, he’s knocking the guy’s teeth out of his mouth; it’s pretty gory,” Snyder promised of the scene cut from the theatrical release for its length. “It’s the kind of thing where you get to see Dan lose it, which helps set up the end of the movie a little bit.”

“Everybody gets a little bit extra character from all that stuff,” Snyder states of the new cut.

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