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Spider Man 4 Villains and Plot Announced Online,,,maybe

Could this be? Could the Spider Man 4 Villains and Plot be exposed, rumor has it that a certain RED symbiote will grace the silver screen.
Everyone wants to know who the Villains will be in Spider Man 4. is reporting an anonymous Maniac sent in link from a movie database hosted by Hoyts Cinemas in Australia. The database lists 'Spider-Man 4' as "coming soon" and even provides a plot synopsis for the movie:

Peter Parker now faces a more greater threat. After a man is accidentally killed in an electrical power outage; a mass murderer has bonded with a symbiote. Thus wreaking havoc as Peter faces this red rampage, as well as an electrifying madman.

Well, that certainly sounds like Carnage and Electro.

However, we have to say this info sounds extremely dubious for several reasons. First of all, why this plot summary would surface first on an Australian Cinema chain site is beyond us. Add to that the fact that the author of the summary is extremely grammar-challenged, with run-on sentences and awkward redundancies like "a more greater threat".

So, however that info got into the Hoyts system. We're guessing someone at Hoyts picked up on fan chatter found on message boards over the past two years. Either that or someone has found a way to update Hoyts' database through surreptitious means. And, of course, Sam Raimi said just last week that he was still working on the basic storyline and contemplating which villain (or villains) he might use.

So, file this rumor under "highly doubtful".

Sony really needs to keep this movie a one or maybe two villain movie, if they choose to overload it then that unfortunately is proof the the Spider Man franchise would be following in the footsteps of the first run of The Batman franchise, and we all know how that turned out.
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