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Raimi Lets Go Some More Spidey 4 News

Who is Peter Parker? Is the director interested in the return of Kirsten Dunst? What will the tone of Spider-Man 4 be? All these questions are at least touched on by the Webslinger's director.
Whether you believe in the hype or not, people are hammering for any Spider-Man 4 movie news. With rumors running around that Kirsten Dunst will not return for the 4th installment to Bruce Campbell playing a fan favorite villain in Mystero, Sam Raimi sheds a little light on what actually is happening and puts some speculation to rest.

Raimi does not seem to be looking to mold Spider-Man 4 from the success of TDK. Instead Raimi wants to delve deeper into the character that is Peter Parker. Raimi goes on to say: "I hope we don't react to these very good and sometimes bad superhero movies around us. I hope that we just take ever deeper into the truth of who Peter Parker really is," Raimi said. "As a human being and the unique character, and that we celebrate that, which is a lot of the reason I want to make this next picture. I still believe I have an understanding of Peter Parker as the character that I have not quite put onto the screen yet."

Truth be told Spider-Man 4 would not be as good of a movie as it could be if the entire tone of it was dark. The dark tone worked for TDK because that's what Batman is. Spidey is a smart mouthed, wisecracking crime fighter. We need to see more of that in Spider-Man 4. Spider-Man basically is the most annoying New Yorker you know that could web you up and make you feel bad about it at the same time.

According to Raimi if screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire delivers a dark, edgy toned script then that's the kind of movie Raimi will make, if the screenplay goes into a different direction then that's what Raimi will follow. One thing is for sure, fans do not want a wishy washy Spider-Man any more. We have seen what happens to a emotional wreck that has super powers, lets move on. Time for a solid Spider-Man movie with at the most 2 villains that are properly introduced on screen without making it look like one or the other should not be there.

Raimi goes on to say that soon he will be meeting with Kirsten Dunst about reprising her role as Mary Jane. Sam Raimi and Star Toby Mcguire have signed the dotted line for Spider-Man 4, no such luck for Ms. Dunst.

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