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Lady Thor is obviously not a character in The Avengers - or anywhere else in the Marvel universe (now that we think about it), but for cosplayer Toni Darling the character just may be a way of life.
EdGross - 5/18/2012

It's an annual tradition, and this year is no different as Victoria's Secret holds its own fashion show featuring its lovely angels.
EdGross - 11/13/2011

Because you absolutely need to know this, a video report claims that the singer Rihanna went on a wild and crazy spending spree at a sex store. For the rest of the story.... well, that kind of is the story. But you can check out the video anyway if you want.
EdGross - 10/24/2011

For those who missed it at Comic Book Movie, Earth's Mightiest is re-presenting this exclusive interview with Dylan Ryder, the star of KatwomanXXX. Additionally, at the end of the interview find a link to the new gallery devoted to the actress.
EdGross - 10/19/2011

Earlier this year, singer Katy Perry posed for a pictorial in Maxim Magazine, and we've got an edited video version of that photo shoot featuring the very sexy Ms. Perry.
EdGross - 10/17/2011

A collection of images of sexy ladies in sexy superheroine costumes? We simply find the whole idea of such a thing to be completely offensive and not worth sharing. We're so sure you'll agree, that we'll let you judge for yourselves!
EdGross - 10/16/2011

Kate Beckinsale was vacationing in Mexico with hubby Len Wiseman and a very tiny bikini and....well, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't bring this video to your attention.
EdGross - 10/15/2011

It's far from a new video, but that doesn't take away from its (sex) appeal as the former Obama Girl provides a Top 10 countdown of the hottest female characters in comic books.
EdGross - 9/28/2011

So, which Batman actor would Dylan Ryder, who stars in KatwomanXXX, love to spend some.... time with? Actually, she says, two come to mind immediately!
EdGross - 9/28/2011

What can we see about LeeAnna Vamp as a Green Lantern? Based on this video, she might have pulled in a few bucks at the box office! Check out the self-proclaimed "ghoul" of your dreams.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

Earth's Mightiest Action editor Ed Gross caught up with Eliza Dushku at Comic-Con for a one-on-one interview regarding her voicing Catwoman in the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. In this portion she shares her views of the character.
EdGross - 8/9/2011

No one can ever accuse singer Rihanna of being shy, as this sexy video, taken when she visited Barbados, will bare out.
EdGross - 8/3/2011

When Eliza Dushku appears on USA's White Collar tonight, it will mark a reunion between her and series star Matt Bomer, who appeared on her short-lived and underrated Tru Calling on Fox. In an excerpt from this interview, she previews the episode.
EdGross - 8/2/2011

In this video interview, actress Freida Pinto discusses the making of her November debuting film, Immortals. Pinto will also be seen beginning August 5th in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
EdGross - 7/27/2011

When Sarah Michelle Gellar comes to the CW this fall in Ringer, she'll portray a twin who steps into her sister's life to escape the turmoil of her own, but finds things more harrowing than ever.
EdGross - 7/21/2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) makes her highly anticipated return to television in the new Fall CW series “Ringer,” and will debut the series at Comic-Con 2011.
EdGross - 6/27/2011

Lucy Pinder joins the ladies at Bennett's Bikini Bike Wash in this behind the scenes video.
EdGross - 6/22/2011

We think Lucy Pinder is selling an antiperspirant product, but we kind of lost track a few seconds in to this video....
EdGross - 6/22/2011

Britney Spears has launched her Femme Fatale tour in Sacramento, California, and as this video report shows, Brit is being more outrageous (and skimpily clad) than ever.
EdGross - 6/20/2011

Jennifer Lawrence, who portrayed Mystique in this summer's X-Men: First Class and is currently shooting The Hunger Games, is featured in this video look at her Esquire magazine photo shoot.
EdGross - 6/18/2011