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Check out this video report featuring Kristen Stewart on the set of her next film, Snow White and the Huntsman, which will reach theatres in June 2012.
EdGross - 11/13/2011

NBC's Grimm adds an even darker take on the classic fairy tales than the Brothers Grimm themselves did, adding that particular take to a police procedural. In an interview over at Contact Music, producer Sean Hayes (best known for portraying Jack on Will & Grace) comments on the horrific nature of the show.
EdGross - 10/31/2011

Given the audience that greeted in premiere on ABC last night, it looks like people are in the mood for a bit of fairy tale magic with Once Upon a Time.
EdGross - 10/24/2011

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which stars Gene Wilder in the first half of the title role, is celebrating its 40tn anniversary with a deluxe Blu-ray edition from Warner Bros. and quite a bit of celebration, which is covered in this video report.
EdGross - 10/19/2011

There's no denying that as big as vampires were a year ago, fairy tales seem to be growing in popularity and proliferating on film, TV, in fiction and so on. ABC's Once Upon a Time debuts October 23rd and Blog caught up with that show's Jane Espenson to get her opinion about what in the name of neverland is going on.
EdGross - 10/18/2011

This video report on the forthcoming Snow White & The Huntsman (which stars Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth) captures some in-production footage and features Stewart's comments that production has been "tough".
EdGross - 10/15/2011

ABC's Once Upon a Time will premiere Sunday, October 23rd and in these various video interviews you have the opportunity to some of the different characters who put a new twist on the fairy tales that inspired them.
EdGross - 10/14/2011

In next year's CG musical adventure, Dorothy of Oz, Dorothy and Toto return to Oz to help the Scarecrow Tin Man and Lion against a jester who is using the late Wicked Witch of the West's wand to turn denizens into puppets.
EdGross - 9/18/2011

This fan-made intro to the Beauty and the Beast TV series takes the opening narrations from Ron Perlman as Vincent and Linda Hamilton as Catherine and puts them to different footage.
EdGross - 9/17/2011

The cast of ABC's Once Upon a Time discusses the show and provide some hints about what it's all about.
EdGross - 9/17/2011