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GRIMM: Producer Sean Hayes Comments on the Nature of the Show

NBC's Grimm adds an even darker take on the classic fairy tales than the Brothers Grimm themselves did, adding that particular take to a police procedural. In an interview over at Contact Music, producer Sean Hayes (best known for portraying Jack on Will & Grace) comments on the horrific nature of the show.
"Most of the original fairy tales are actually really gruesome - very violent, very sexual," he offers. "So we're exposing the truth of them. When Disney took over fairy tales, they were all cutesy and wonderful and very childlike, very positive. It was brilliant, but it wasn't the truth of them. People actually die, and they weren't about happy endings. And now, since life sucks for a lot of people, a lot of the content on TV and film reflects that, so we're a sign of the times... I loved The X-Files. The suspense of that show every single week, that's something we want to emulate. We aspire to replicate that tonally and story-wise."
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