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Fox To Reboot Alien

Why is Fox rebooting one of the most successful franchises in movie history? Because of money, and the need to return to the "single alien on a ship" plotline...
Fox feels that the idea of having a bunch of Aliens on screen does not work. So Fox is going back to the one "Alien on a ship" idea we all saw in the first installment Alien. This one Alien picked off the stubborn somewhat snobby crew until only Ripley was alive and available to kick that Alien's acid dripping jabroni jiving simple arse.

What? What did you say? It doesn't matter what you said! When heavy hitters like Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and even Tony Scott are on board to produce and have asked Carl Rinsch to get above the camera and bring a new Ripley to the silver screen, it would seem that the powers that be have their minds made up on what direction this updated version of Alien will go. Its almost hard to call this a reboot, simply because we saw this idea in Alien. That's what the trades are calling it but I am way more comfortable with calling this a remake.

Wondering who Carl Rinsch is? Me too, I found out that he is commercial/music video director and does work for Scott Free Productions, who is also producing the remake.

Not sure how commercial and music videos relate to one of the most horrifying space story's of all time but hey, its all about who ya know in this business.

I guess the next question is "Who will make a good Ripley?"

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