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Harold Ramis Confirms No One Has Signed On Yet For Ghostbusters 3

Egon tells us we have verbal confirmation from the old team of Ghostbusters but no one has officially signed on to appear in the long awaited sequel.
Harold Ramis was asked what the currant status is on the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 movie:

"I wrote the story for the new movie with them, and Dan and I've been consulting. We're just waiting to see a first draft and where we are," Ramis told us, although he's very optimistic it will happen with Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson returning as well. "Everyone says they'll do it, they've all said they'll do it. No one has signed anything yet--we haven't signed anything either--but there's the spirit of willingness in the air."

No one is signed yet, so what. These guys have been around Hollywood for a long while, I am sure they know how to work the system. This is all about creating buzz for the movie. Ghostbusters 3 would make each of the original team a few million easy. It's just a matter of time before we have news of signed deals for the original members to come back. If not, then lets see an entirely different team hit the big screen busting Slimer up.
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