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Heads will roll over at Marvel's toy division! They didn't "quality check" a new inflatable Wolverine doll that comes with a strategically placed inflation tube -- right on his crotch.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 3/19/2009

A new trailer is live for this year's five-night airing of Torchwood: Children of Earth on BBC America.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 2/6/2009

In a new piece of leaked audio, Christian Bale truly earns the ''Dark Knight'' moniker by unleashing a Reign of Fire on his Terminator Salvation cinematographer for interrupting a key scene.
PAnthony - 2/3/2009

Paramount has made available its official Super Bowl trailers for Star Trek and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Check them out online now!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 2/1/2009

Screenwriter Jonathan Nolan — brother of director Christopher Nolan — has responded to fan outrage over the lack of major Oscar nominations for The Dark Knight.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/26/2009

His Name Was Jason trailer is on ICONS You Tube.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 1/26/2009

Sam Rockwell and Justin Long play Batman and Robin in this short film from the Red-Headed League.
Brent Sprecher - 1/11/2009

Where has the time gone? Let's briefly glance back, hitting the highlights and lowlights of the past twelve months.
PAnthony - 1/2/2009

Forrest J Ackerman died on Thursday, December 4th. Does that mean anything to you? It should.
PAnthony - 12/9/2008

EM’s Brent Sprecher chats with Andrew Chung of Jaded Publishing and the Zombie Mosaic project.
Brent Sprecher - 11/25/2008

A leading Tennessee legislator is off the hook for failing to report a large, potentially-valuable collection in his personal holdings.
PAnthony - 11/18/2008

A city in Turkey says it claimed the name ''Batman'' first!
PAnthony - 11/12/2008

The famous designer has poured American patriotism and female empowerment into her colorful, Amazonian new clothing.
PAnthony - 11/10/2008

Sci Fi Wire puts the candidates to the test against 10 classic genre movie threats!
PAnthony - 11/4/2008

New Japanese PM Taro Aso lamented to an audience in Tokyo on Sunday that running the country leaves him too little time for reading comic books.
PAnthony - 10/27/2008

In Spring 2009, the UK's Thorpe Park will launch ''Saw: The Ride'', the world's first ever horror movie-themed rollercoaster, based on Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures' Saw franchise.
PAnthony - 10/13/2008

Superman fans raised $100,000 for repairs to the childhood home of the Man of Steel's co-creator, Jerry Siegel.
PAnthony - 10/2/2008

With the amount raised in Week 3 of the online auction, the fund to restore Superman's Cleveland birthplace has topped $70K.
PAnthony - 9/23/2008

In a stunning volley against American iconography and small, defenseless animals, a Muslim cleric has placed a fatwa on Disney's mascot and his fellow mice.
PAnthony - 9/23/2008

Feel like traveling to Ireland for a one-day college seminar on becoming a Jedi?
PAnthony - 9/18/2008