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According to Mike Fleming at Deadline, John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, The Omen, Max Payne) will serve as director of the fifth entry in the Die Hard series, which will see Bruce Willis return as John McClane, who is brought to Russia.
EdGross - 9/1/2011

CraveOnline caught up with producer Jon Cassar, who's currently working on Terra Nova but had spent eight years on 24, and in this excerpt he updates the potential film based on the latter.
EdGross - 9/1/2011

Though one star Bill Murray may be putting up a fight to return, or even read the script, Murray's Costar Dan Akroyd let it slip that GhostBusters 3 could be made with or without Bill Murray....
Johnathan Smith - 8/30/2011

DreamWorks Pictures has debuted a brand new poster for their upcoming sci-fi boxing film Real Steel, featuring Hugh Jackman. Check it out after the jump!
PaulRom - 8/30/2011

The British original may be pending its fourth season over at BBC, but its American counterpart over ay Syfy has the ball rolling on its second. Now a promo for season two has hit, showing a tease of just what is to come next season for the monster roommates
Johnathan Smith - 8/29/2011

Hit the jump to check out a sweet new TV spot for the upcoming film Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton...
PaulRom - 8/29/2011

This episode, the Fanholes chat about the comic book Irredeemable, discuss recent events in Amazing Spider-Man, reveal their favorite novels, and discuss the recent movie X-Men: First Class.
derekwc - 8/28/2011

Moving on to the decade of the 1970s the History of Comics On Film has a brand new introduction along with a look at the Hanna Barbera produced animated television series The New Scooby Doo Movies featuring Batman & Robin that ran on CBS in the year 1972 !

In the 40th part of this ongoing series that focuses on the History of Comic Books, producer Derek Crabbe views comics history through the lens of those comic book characters that are lucky enough to be adapted for both movies and television.
derekwc - 8/28/2011

My Version Of Superman 1.0
RaphaLeite - 8/26/2011

With Colombiana reaching theatres, Earth's Mightiest doesn't need any more of an excuse than to gratuitously run this Calvin Klein underwear commercial shoot featuring the lovely Zoe Saldana.
EdGross - 8/25/2011

These featurettes go behind the scenes on Zoe Saldana's ass-kicking flick Colombiana. Note that in one of the featurettes she's the only one who speaks English.
EdGross - 8/25/2011

Star Trek and Avatar actress Zoe Saldana explodes on screens in Colombiana, and in the following videos she discusses the film.
EdGross - 8/25/2011

The sequel to the 2009 hit starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows has some new production stills that have found their way online
Johnathan Smith - 8/25/2011

Check out Dc Comics new 52 by way of trailers that the publisher has released.
comicbookjerk - 8/25/2011

As we get closer to the release of Ghost Rider: Spirit of vengeance, Sony has issued a number of images from the film - including one of GR peeing flames!
comicbookjerk - 8/25/2011

The impression that the new Wonder Woman comic -- which is part of the New 52 from DC -- will be more horror-oriented than the title has ever been before. What could this mean for Wonder Women? Find out!
comicbookjerk - 8/25/2011

Taylor Lautner attempts to break free of The Twilight Saga next month when he stars in the action thriller Abduction. This video goes behind the scenes on some of the film's stunts.
EdGross - 8/24/2011

Warner Brothers has announced that Sylvester Stallone's next film, Bullet to the Head, will be reaching theatres on April 13, 2012.
EdGross - 8/24/2011

People may claim that the vampire genre is dead, but all it takes is a new twist to make it viable again and that could very well be the case in a new untitled project in development.
EdGross - 8/24/2011

This week's episode focuses on Japanese Anime and Manga!
First, the Fanholes discuss the franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. Next, they cover the Marvel Comics properties adapted by the Japanese animation studio Madhouse. Then the Fanholes answer the question: What medium do they tend to prefer, Anime or Manga? Finally to wrap it all up, they reveal the answer to the question: What is the worst anime the Fanholes have ever seen?
derekwc - 8/21/2011