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Blizzard Entertainment’s fifth BlizzCon gaming celebration to be held at Anaheim Convention Center October 22-23, 2010.
NateBest - 3/25/2010

The Jonah Hex Collectables for the upcoming movie.
SHHH - 3/25/2010

After three failed Punisher films Nero takes a shot at Punisher, MAX style.
nero - 3/25/2010

One of my favourite stories in comics involving one of my favourite super heroes. The Incredible Hulk in a story of epic proportions! Planet Hulk leads into World War Hulk. Here's the synopsis and cover art.
DCF - 3/24/2010

The filmmakers have some questions, starting with this:
LePew2010 - 3/24/2010

CBMer NERO comes to EMF with his first FanCast
nero - 3/24/2010

Batman Under The Red Hood Statues and Collectibles..
SHHH - 3/24/2010

A combination of ancient bite marks and fossilized feces have provided some details on prehistoric crocodiles.
EdGross - 3/24/2010

Smithonian magazine has publised a story that explores the evolution of dinosaurs themselves.
EdGross - 3/24/2010

The Bangkok Post offered a story postulating that severe volcanic eruptions actually allowed dinosaurs to rule the earth
EdGross - 3/24/2010 has broken an exclusive story that director Paul WS Anderson (Alien vs. Predator, Death Race) has been signed to direct a new movie version of Buck Rogers and this one is going to be.... wait for it.... in 3D (then again, what isn't?).
EdGross - 3/24/2010

Haven't had enough of the Clash? Get a new fix today!
DogsOfWar - 3/24/2010

While fans await word on whether or not there will be a Jurassic Park IV, IDW Comics has announced a new series of story arcs taking place in the JP universe, beginning with this June's "Jurassic Park: Redemption."
EdGross - 3/24/2010

There's no question that Max Fleischer did an amazing job with the classic animated Superman shorts, but that's no reason (helped along by the fact that toons are now in the public domain) that an industrious fan can't have some fun editing. The result is this humorous send-up.
EdGross - 3/24/2010

Check out the brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming Dead To Rights: Retribution video game from Namco!
NateBest - 3/24/2010

In general comics are considered to be for males but we all know that really cool chicks love them as much as men do.
juggy4711 - 3/24/2010

Still a rumor at this point, but we may have our new Bond Girls for the 23rd film
ecksmanfan - 3/23/2010

The Broadway bound musical may be headed to the silver screen
ecksmanfan - 3/23/2010

A great book by an individual who's been in the business for decades. A trusted journalist to artists that allowed him access to what most people would never see. An entertaining and revealing read; Life On Planet Rock.
DCF - 3/23/2010

The Canadian network Teletoon has provided Marvel Animation Age with the April 2010 episode schedule for The Spectacular Spider-Man.
DCF - 3/23/2010