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Jon Chu, who directed Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up 3D, is the man Paramount have choosen to direct G.I. Joe 2.
Pr3sario - 2/27/2011

A chameleon voiced by Jonny Depp wishes to be a hero find himself in a town filled with bandits and decides to play a hero he invented to protect it..
TABOO13 - 2/26/2011

The House Is Not Haunted..
SHHH - 2/26/2011

The Wolf pack is back, in Bangkok?
TABOO13 - 2/25/2011

Updates on 3 hot video games
murraymaker - 2/25/2011

MTV caught up with actor Nicolas Cage while he was out promoting Drive Angry, and in this excerpt from that interview he briefly discusses Ghost Rider 2.
EdGross - 2/25/2011

In this interview with Monsters and Critics, Nick Taraby dishes about playing the most hated gladiator 'Ashur'.
SelinaKyle - 2/25/2011

Variety is reporting that producer Lorenzo i Bonaventura has brought writers Jeremy Passmore (Red Dawn) and Andre Fabrizio to pen the screenplay for DMZ, the action film set in the area between North and South Korea.
EdGross - 2/25/2011

While speaking with the Vancouver Sun, director Patrick Lussier detailed the intent in helping to craft Drive Angry 3D, starring Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard.
EdGross - 2/25/2011

The Saturn Awards have announced their nominees for 2010, and what follows is a complete list of those nominees.
EdGross - 2/25/2011

Bryan Singer continues to line up the talent for his movie adaptation of the british fairytale Jack The Giant Killer.
SelinaKyle - 2/24/2011

Warner Bros. has released the teaser trailer for The Hangover Part II. Check it out by hitting the jump...
Josh Wilding - 2/24/2011

New Pokémon trading card game with over 70 new Pokémon!
murraymaker - 2/24/2011

Clevver TV offers up this video report on the casting of The Vampire Diaries' most-feared, and up until this point unseen, member of the undead, Klaus, in the form of actor Joseph Morgan.
EdGross - 2/24/2011

The power of 1985's Rambo: First Blood Part II is so strong that it actually inspired a musical number in the form of "You Not Expendable"....God help us all!
EdGross - 2/24/2011

When decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, he discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. Check out the new trailer...
Josh Wilding - 2/23/2011

The Thompson on Hollywood site features an intriguing article that looks at the difficulty of finding a new crop of action heroes to replace aging veterans.
EdGross - 2/23/2011

In Drive Angry 3D, Amber Heard plays a waitress who decides to help Nicolas Cage's character, an escapee from hell determined to track down the satanic cult that killed his daughter and kidnapped his grandaughter. As such, she kicks a lot of ass right alongside Cage.
EdGross - 2/23/2011

In what could be considered a slightly spoilerish new photo, we see a key scene from the movie featuring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and Kelly Reilly...
Josh Wilding - 2/22/2011

Courtesy of IGN Movies, watch the setup for the film, as the U.S. military is charged with defending the City of Angeles from an alien threat...
Josh Wilding - 2/22/2011