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Peter Jackson is one step closer to directing J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings prequel - 'The Hobbit'
TTrain - 10/5/2007

So much 4-color fun, you'll feel it in your bowels!
PAnthony - 10/5/2007

Joss Whedon’s ode to Star Wars may be flying again thanks to strong DVD sales and fanatical “Browncoats.”
Brent Sprecher - 10/5/2007

White-hot actress Jaime King to appear in Frank Miller’s production of Will Eisner’s The Spirit.
Brent Sprecher - 10/4/2007

Ehren Kruger will team with Kurtzman & Orci to scribble the next robot flick.
PAnthony - 10/4/2007

Timothy Olyphant, Powers Boothe, Ron Perlman, William Fichtner and Donnie Wahlberg lend their voices to Turok, the new dinosaur-filled first person shooter.
NateBest - 10/3/2007

IESB has reported that production stills and other sensitive Indy 4 materials were stolen from the director's office.
PAnthony - 10/3/2007

A SyFy Portal critic doesn't put the new CBS series on the side of the Angels.
PAnthony - 10/3/2007

Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk promises to deliver maximum mayhem when the Hulk encounters…the Abomination!
Brent Sprecher - 10/2/2007

Director Rob Cohen Shares His Thoughts on Jet Li's Arrival In Montreal.
Brent Sprecher - 10/2/2007

The actress who portrayed weather witch Storm in the X-Men is itching to become a Mommy...
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 10/2/2007

A new CG Noah's Ark movie is coming, scripted by the co-writer of The Prince of Egypt.
PAnthony - 10/2/2007

Daniel Craig's second Bond movie, Bond 22 is set to be filmed in the Republic of Panama
TTrain - 10/2/2007

Excitement all around the globe today when the screenwriter for the upcoming dreamworks movie Tintin was announced.
TTrain - 10/2/2007

With a director, producer and star on board, Robert E. Howard's 'Solomon Kane' is set to start filming late this year.
TTrain - 10/2/2007

The new Spock confidently backs his new co-workers.
PAnthony - 10/2/2007

Like many horror movies of late, Friday the 13th is set to hop on the remake wagon.
TTrain - 10/2/2007

Only two months after putting their first books on the shelves, the infant Fangoria Comics have been shut down.
PAnthony - 10/1/2007

The gorgeous singer and sometime-actor appears in Episode 5, "Action."
PAnthony - 10/1/2007

JLH doesn't hear or see ghosts, like her character does. But Melinda Gordon HAS made her a believer.
PAnthony - 9/30/2007