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The dark knight update
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/26/2007

Iron Man Footage At Comic Con
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/26/2007

EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/26/2007

The dark knight teaser has hit youtube and it is awsome
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/26/2007

The 'Sin City' author's first solo directing effort is a labor of love.
PAnthony - 7/26/2007

The Cast of Watchmen is Confirmed
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/25/2007

Zachary Quinto may be cast in J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek series. Would Sylar eat Spock's Brain?
BGough - 7/25/2007

Marvel's Golden Avenger is smashing on the cover of the upcoming Brit fan magazine Empire.
BGough - 7/25/2007

"Smallville's" resident newshound Chloe Sullivan slips into the director's chair for the 20th episode of Season 7.
PAnthony - 7/25/2007

The upcoming direct to DVD Superman Doomsday movie wil feature a cameo by Kevin Smith.
CHorlick - 7/25/2007

Get a glimpse at the new look of Saturday morning's favorite 31st Century heroes.
BGough - 7/24/2007

The stars' roles are revealed!
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/24/2007

Websites are quickly becoming the biggest indicators of movie news, and not just the journalistic style.
JHill - 7/24/2007

You'd think being the last male on Earth would be a fun thing, right? Wrong.
BGough - 7/24/2007

Warner Bros. Pictures is saddling up to bring DC Comics' Western anti-hero comic book Jonah Hex to the big screen, with filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor on board to adapt, says The Hollywood Reporter.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/24/2007

She can fly! She can fly! And is she fly! As the first publicity photo of Laura Vandervoort as Kara Zor-El hits the 'Net, we take a closer look at "Smallville's" Girl of Steel.
PAnthony - 7/24/2007

'birdie3' has pointed us to where they have put up Spider-Man 3 for sale on DVD in a collectible tin can along with a mousepad.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/23/2007

Avi Arad has confirmed to MTV that Samuel L. Jackson and Hilary Swank will indeed make cameo appearances in Iron Man. Nothing else about their roles is revealed.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/23/2007 has discovered something very interesting about the "X-Men" spinoffs
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/23/2007 reports that Michael Bay's Transformers added $20.5 million domestically and $34 million overseas this weekend for a three-week sum of $455 million worldwide.
EarthsMightiestAdmin - 7/23/2007